Most common Route by Airport

Below are the Top 10 most common Departure & Arrival airport combinations.

Departure AirportArrival Airport# of times
1Changzhi, China (ZBCZ), China (ZBYC)846Route Profile
2, Greece (LGAV)Samos, Greece (LGSM)564Route Profile
3Nuernberg, Germany (EDDN)Duesseldorf, Germany (EDDL)423Route Profile
4Duesseldorf, Germany (EDDL)Nuernberg, Germany (EDDN)423Route Profile
5London, United Kingdom (EGLL)Barcelona, Spain (LEBL)423Route Profile
6, Ecuador (SEQM)Panama City, Panama (MPTO)423Route Profile
7Frankfurt, Germany (EDDF)Munich, Germany (EDDM)423Route Profile
8Manchester, United Kingdom (EGCC)Innsbruck, Austria (LOWI)423Route Profile
9Cuenca, Ecuador (SECU), Peru (SPJC)423Route Profile
10Dublin, Ireland (EIDW)Manchester, United Kingdom (EGCC)423Route Profile